Týnec fortress

When you look at the preserved stone Gothic palace, you will be touched by the testimony of several long centuries and the genius loci that has been battered by fate. In 2007, the National Heritage Institute included the fortress of Týnec nad Labem to the list of the most endangered monuments in the Czech Republic and we decided to lend a helping hand to this magnificent historical building. The Fortress Lives Association is strives to bring bustle, joy and much-needed care back to this place.

In order to achieve the above, we strive to create opportunities for meetings and gatherings in this majestic space. We host cultural and educational events and use the earnings to preserve a part of our history dating back to Mr. Vanek of Miletinek. It was he who had the fortress - Tejnice Castle - built after 1436, giving Týnec nad Labem a proud landmark which enriches us to this day.